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  Baseball/Softball scoring solutions
  • iPhone/iPod touch
  • Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0
  • Pocket PC 2002/2003
  • Tablet PC
  • Desktop PC

Whether you're the official scorekeeper, or scoring just for fun, software from Rakonza.com enables you to easily build lineups, score the baseball/softball game, print scoresheets, collect season statistics, generate a game summary web page, and much more.

You'll find that Rakonza K-ForCE is so easy to use that even if you've never scored a game before, you'll be able to pick it up as you go. Score in as much detail as you want. If you're an expert, and have your own abbreviations, K-ForCE allows you the flexibility to score the game the way you always have.

One Tap Scoring and hotkeys allow you to score the most frequent plays with ease. The most complicated scoring can be done with much less effort than paper scoring. Score a walk, and the runner on first is automatically advanced. Score a Home Run, and all runners advance to home and the batter is credited with the correct number of RBIs.

Rakonza K-ForCE Pocket PC
Rakonza K-ForCE
Pocket PC Edition

Pocket PC’s original scoring solution.
Now in its ninth season.

Rakonza K-ForCE PC Edition
The next generation of scoring software now with speech recognition. Tablet PC enhanced.
Rakonza K-ForCE PC Edition

Rakonza K-ForCE Pocket PC
Pointstreak K-ForCE
iPhone/iPod touch Edition

Built on the Rakonza K-ForCE scoring engine, iPhone and iPod touch users get a seasoned solution. 


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"Take Me Out to the Ball Game! But don't forget your iPhone, other handheld or Notebook PC and K-ForCE".

Latest News
  • 2009 MLB Add On available
  • K-ForCE used for Pointstreak's Live Game system sample replay 
  • iPhone and iPod touch Edition now available 
  • Rakonza.com now part of Pointstreak.com more
  • 2008 MLB Add On available
  • Rakonza K-ForCE v4 available for 2008 season
  • 2007 MLB Add On PC Edition is now available.
  • 2007 MLB Add On is now available.
  • Windows Vista: Rakonza K-ForCE PC Edition is Vista compatible. No update required.
  • Rakonza K-ForCE PC Edition web demo available in the Products area.
  • Rakonza K-ForCE Pocket PC tutorial in the Support area.
  • Get scoring help from our online community

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